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Jamie’s underarmor adventures.

From my friend who sent me these pics: Jamie came out of the dressing room and this girl and her little brother (or someone) were waiting to get autographs. The mom asks him to take a photo and because he’s such a great dude, he says yes even though he’s wearing the underarmor. 

The last photo is when he looks up and realizes how many freaking people were on the other side of the glass watching him. It’s hard to tell, but he was BEET RED and laughing. 

For the record: this was all when Tyler was in his scrum. THIS IS WHAT JAMIE LOOKED LIKE WHEN TYLER ASKED IF JAMIE MISSED HIM. 

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Stick to your day job @lindholmelias



so stoked.

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Look at Eddie and Juice! (x)

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Nice posture 

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for god’s sake, willie

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